Over the years many things have been allowed by the government because there were no other viable solutions. Medical Waste is something that has gone from being a known problem with incinerators to a hidden problem continuing to fill our landfills with completely recognizable medical waste which often times has not been properly treated. One of our goals at MedRecycler is to educate the public so you can make an informed choice. Our technology has been successfully operating in other applications for over thirty years processing waste. MedRecycler has technology which is environmentally sustainable and economically viable. The Pyrolysis technology operates at 1,500°F, has a waste reduction of 85%, and comes out of the process completely unrecognizable similar carbon black. The waste is used to make electricity with zero waste byproduct going to landfill.

The current autoclave technology which is used for over 80% of the medical waste treated in the USA operates at an average of 250°F. Very few states require shredding of the waste. There is no reduction of the waste with the process and the waste comes out completely recognizable and goes to the landfill at the same 100 percent original volume.

Environmental tip for the day: Combine your errands, use less resources.

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