Healthcare providers may find themselves faced with a recurring dilemma: a growing supply of pharmaceutical waste without a clear, safe means of disposal.

Over time, pharmaceutical waste builds up. Whether it’s due to recalls, substance expirations or other undesirable qualities, the problem remains the same–it needs somewhere to go.

Reverse Distributors ensure the secure destruction of controlled (Schedule II-V) and non-controlled (Rx and OTC) pharmaceutical waste to prevent such substances from reentering a community or contaminating the environment, so choosing one with the right experience and infrastructure is paramount.

MedRecycler Solutions can assist with our simple, cost-effective process that helps healthcare practitioners (doctors, dentists and veterinarians) and DEA-registrants comply with DEA rules and regulations.

Unmanaged pharmaceutical waste is under increased scrutiny by government regulators, making DEA compliance more important than ever before. Failure to comply with federal regulations when engaging in medication disposal and handling can result in fines, from $10,000 to $10 million. Reduce your risk and get the expert help your staff needs to optimize your pharmaceutical waste management.

MedRecycler Solutions will help guard against:

Potential Theft or Abuse.
Lingering pharmaceuticals, from pills to tranquilizers, are subject to misuse and abuse if they fall into the wrong hands.

Environmental Risk.
Flushing pharmaceutical waste down the toilet or moving it to a landfill are detrimental methods for medication disposal as they can impact fresh drinking water, harming human health and aquatic life.

Inappropriate Disposal.
Discarding unwanted pharmaceuticals with Sharps or other unregulated medical waste doesn’t assure destruction or adhere to proper DEA regulations.

Improper drug disposal and unaccounted-for controlled inventory may lead to punitive action or fines that could impact your bottom line and hurt your ability to provide care.

Simple Security and Affordable Service

Ensuring compliance shouldn’t be confusing, practicing safety shouldn’t be difficult, but both should be affordable.

No matter where you’re located, you can safely and securely dispose of controlled and non-controlled pharmaceutical waste. Our affordable solution will help you stay in full compliance with DEA regulations and avoid corrective action, potential fines and missteps:

Ongoing service and support – just a phone call away
Closed loop process provides proper handling from acquisition to assured destruction
Minimal opportunity for diversion with maximum peace of mind and compliance
Proprietary Energy-from-Waste process creates clean, renewable energy
Scalable service to meet your needs