MedRecycler provides of cosmetic product disposal and waste management services. We offer a customized service based on the needs predominant in the industry.

We offer comprehensive management services for all cosmetic waste, returned and expired products, raw materials, recyclable materials and controlled substances. We offer a turnkey service for the management and disposal of all controlled substances.

Our customized service offer is adaptable to all your needs and allows you to choose the type of waste management which is best suited to your policies and values. Whether you are looking to maximize recycling, avoid waste (zero landfill), destroy products by means of energy recovery (incineration), composting or any other type of arrangement, MedRecycler has the solution for you.

Our management system ensures that your products are tracked until their destruction, compliant with the industry’s traceability needs, while supplying the data which is relevant to the analysis of your environmental performance.

We understand the regulatory requirements which you face as well as the importance of managing your space in a sound way, which is why we offer one of the quickest pickup services and the timely preparation of documents relevant to the management of your waste.